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Books are the ultimate dumpees….

Books are the ultimate dumpees: put them down and they will wait for you forever ..(John Green)

So I feel a little like this about my book blog last year. It’s still waiting for me but I haven’t given it any attention. (That’s what happens when you get a border collie puppy… Insert shamelessly cute pic here)


So I have decided to be more vigilant with my blogging. I read 40 books last year and hardly posted about any. So my next post ( tomorrow while trying to ignore the scourge of white outside) will list every book I read last year with a link to a description.

My first read of the new year is The Harem Midwife by Roberta Rich. It is a sequel to The Midwife of Venice which I read a few years ago. I really liked it so my hopes are high for this sequel. I have to have it read soon so stay tuned.

Here are a couple of links for you to check them out.




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